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        About Us

        Chengdu Qianjia Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, is a national high-tech enterprise which also a state-holding company. The company located in the Southwest Air harbor industry park of Shuangliu District at Chengdu City of Sichuan province , covers an area of 60 acres.

        Since Qianjia company’s inception, it always focus on the intelligence and   information construction of utilities field, after several years of development, Qianjia has now become the largest manufacturer of  remote meter reading productions and the supplier of information system solution and products in utilities area. Qianjia has the most advanced intelligent gas meter automatic production assembly and testing line in the country(the annual output of single shift is 3million sets of products), is identified by the national department of science and technology as the high-tech enterprise, the key high-tech enterprises and project undertaking unit of national torch plan, is the main setting unit and publicizing base of two industry standards which are “residential remote meter reading system," "residential remote meter reading system, technical standards,” public by the department of residential and construction, also the join-writer of  “urban gas system automation specification”  given by department of residential and construction. 

        In the mean time, Qianjia has two hundreds of patents, built up the only one research institute “  Qianjia IOT technology research institute” in this country which mainly focus on the research of applications in the gas industry by using the technology of Internet of things, and built a national level engineering laboratory of city public utility intelligent high precision sensor technology, Sichuan Provincial Engineering Laboratory of intelligent high precision sensing device for modern city public utilities, Sichuan Provincial enterprise technology center, Sichuan Provincial gas intelligent engineering  technology research center, post doctoral workstation, academician (expert) workstation, innovative technology carrier such as Qianjia-China academy of microelectronics sciences research institute product-research join-lab etc. Built up the long-term cooperation relationship with several technology research instituted and college such as Chinese academy instituted of microelectronics sciences, optoelectronics instituted, China testing instituted, Fudan university, Chinese measurement college, Southwest petroleum university etc.

        The main products of the company can be divided into public utilities area(focus on gas industry and waterworks) intelligent measurement remote meter reading products and public utilities (focus on gas industry and waterworks) information system integration two major categories, including civilian remote gas meter, civilian remote water meter, commercial and industry remote monitor and control system, intelligent gas analysis management system, flow meter, transmission and distribution equipments and overall solution and products of information system etc. Until now, Qianjia company has completed the nationwide strategic layout, provided remote meter reading products and information system solution and products for more than 300 gas companies in China, keep the top 1 rank of the industry market share for nine consecutive years in this country. 

        Technology creating value, service achievements in the future. As a national high-tech enterprise which has completed independent intellectual property rights, we will rely on the advances of  “Qianjia IOT technology research instituted”, with the perfect after-sales protection given by the customer service team, try to become the best supplier of information system solution in public utilities area, providing the best products and service for the whole society and families!


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